Is Vegan eating for you

Here at our goal is give you delicious, easy to make and a cost effective Vegan meal everyday. Most are skeptical about cutting out animal products, we were too, until we committed 1 month to a Vegan diet. The first effect that was noticed was how amazing we felt, there was no more grogginess or need for afternoon naps. We were energized the entire day and into late night. We also noticed all of skins imperfections (acne, blemishes) were gone, our skin was vibrant and healthy looking! These two things alone were enough to keep us interested in a vegan diet, but they weren’t  the only benefits we were reaping. We were losing weight, we had a sense of gratificatfion from it, our child’s behavior went from bad to amazing. There was so much good we were experiencing in our lives from it, the choice was clear to turn it into more then a diet, but a lifestyle. So, coming from a avid meat eater for years, I can tell you it is worth a shot. You’ll be eating healthier, cheaper and wont be missing out on any of your favorite flavors. Commit 1 month and the choice will be clear to you as well, and were here to help you. So check out our recipes, find a healthy vegan dinner for  tonight, and make a change for a healthier, happier you.


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